U7 Shotgun

The U7 is an underbarrel shotgun used by the Colonial Marine Corps.

Weapon Designation:Shotgun, 12-Gauge, Underbarrel, U7
Type:Underbarrel bolt-action shotgun
Place of Origin:United States
In Service:2066-present
Production History:
Manufacturer:Armat Battlefield Systems
Weight:2.42 lb (1.1 kg)
Length:16.5 in (419 mm)
Barrel Length:7.75 in (197 mm)
Action:Bolt-action (straight-pull)
Muzzle Velocity:~500 meter/sec
Effective Range:50 m (55 yd)
Feed System:3-round tube magazine (3+1) (U7)
2-round tube magazine (2+1) (U7A1, U7A2)
Sights:Iron sights on parent rifle


The U7 was designed by Armat Battlefield Systems in 2063. However, it took a full three years before the United States Marine Corps, the predecessor to the Colonial Marines, could be convinced to accept the design. It was finally adopted in 2066.


The U7 is a simple underbarrel design that mounts to the M16A5P rifle. Although it uses a tube magazine, it is cycled by a straight-pull, rotating bolt instead of a slide. The magazine holds three rounds, and another round can be loaded into the chamber. The bolt is ambidextrous, with a handle on each side. The manual cycling makes the U7 capable of reliably firing all types of ammunition, including low-powered less-lethal rounds.


U7A1: a U7 with a shortened mount, barrel, and magazine for attaching the weapon to the M933P carbine. Ammunition capacity is 2+1.

U7A2: a U7 with a redesigned mount and shortened barrel and magazine for attaching the weapon to the M41 submachine gun. Ammunition capacity is 2+1.

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