U7 Shotgun

The U7 is an underbarrel shotgun used by the US military.

Weapon Designation:Shotgun, 12-Gauge, Underbarrel, U7
Type:Underbarrel bolt-action shotgun
Place of Origin:United States
In Service:2066-present
Production History:
Manufacturer:Armat Battlefield Systems
Weight:2.42 lb (1.1 kg)
Length:16.5 in (419 mm)
Barrel Length:7.75 in (197 mm)
Action:Bolt-action (straight-pull)
Muzzle Velocity:~500 meter/sec
Effective Range:50 m (55 yd)
Feed System:3-round tube magazine (3+1) (U7)
2-round tube magazine (2+1) (U7A1, U7A2)
Sights:Iron sights on parent rifle


The U7 was designed by Armat Battlefield Systems in 2063. However, it took a full three years before the United States military could be convinced to accept the design. It was finally adopted in 2066.


The U7 is a simple underbarrel design that mounts to the M16A5P rifle. Although it uses a tube magazine, it is cycled by a straight-pull rotating bolt instead of a slide. The magazine holds three rounds, and another round can be loaded into the chamber. The bolt is ambidextrous, with a handle on each side. The manual cycling makes the U7 capable of reliably firing all types of ammunition, including low-powered less-lethal rounds.


U7A1: a U7 with a shortened mount, barrel, and magazine for attaching the weapon to the M933P carbine. Ammunition capacity is 2+1.

U7A2: a U7 with a redesigned mount and shortened barrel and magazine for attaching the weapon to the M41 submachine gun. Ammunition capacity is 2+1.

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