M950 loaded with a 30-round magazine. Note the Grip Pod foregrip/bipod combination, with the bipod in the stowed position.

The M950 is a heavy-barreled assault rifle developed as part of Kinman Industries’ Future Small Arms System, which replaced the M5 rifle, M250 automatic rifle, M110A1 marksman rifle, M4A1 carbine, and other weapons. The M950 directly replaced the M250 belt-fed automatic rifle.

The M950 is used as the United States military’s primary squad automatic weapon, with three issued per infantry squad. Heavier machine guns like the M45 and M56 Smartguns are deployed in Special Forces units and the heavy weapons platoon of each infantry company, not in regular infantry squads.

Weapon Designation:Heavy-Barrel Automatic Rifle, 6.2mm, M950
Type:Heavy-Barreled Automatic Rifle
Place of Origin:United States
Production History:
Manufacturer:Colt Defense, LLC
Weight:8.7 lb (3.95 kg)
Length:39.8 in (1,011 mm) (stock extended)
35.8 in (909 mm) (stock retracted)
Barrel Length:20 in (508 mm)
Action:Gas-operated short-stroke piston
Rate of Fire:700 rounds/min cyclic
Muzzle Velocity:3,250 ft/s (991 m/s) with M62-110 round
Muzzle Energy:2,580 ft/lbs (3,498 Joules) with M62-110 round
Effective Range:800 m (875 yd)
Feed System:100-round detachable saddle drum magazine
30-round detachable box magazine
Sights:Optics rail (FCO-2 sight as standard)
Flip-up iron sights


The M950 was designed alongside the M945 and the other members of Kinman Industries’ Future Small Arms System from 2033 to 2034 and was adopted by the US military in late 2034.

The M950 is greatly loved by the personnel who use it, and it is regarded as extremely effective in its role, being much more accurate than conventional machine guns and squad automatic weapons while still being able to provide a similar volume of fire thanks to the standard use of a 100-round magazine.


The only permanent difference between the M945 and M950 in design is the M950’s heavier barrel, which has a thicker profile under the handguard. This gives the barrel more mass and better heat dispersion, making the rifle more suited for sustained automatic fire.

Apart from this, most of the differences in the M950 are more related to how it is used; although the M950 can accept the M945’s 30-round box magazine, it is issued with 100-round saddle drum magazines to provide improved firepower. While the M945 and M950 are both capable of accepting either round, ribbed handguards or quad-rail handguards for attaching accessories, the M945 is typically used with the round handguard while the quad-rail system is mostly found on the M950.

Although changes in regulations allow personnel to purchase personal accessories for their weapons as long as mounting them requires no permanent modifications to the rifle, leaving the way open for many different customization options, the M950’s primary standard-issue accessory is a forgrip/bipod combination manufactured by Grip Pod Systems International.

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