M933 with Grip Pod foregrip/bipod combination.

The M933 is a carbine variant of the M945 rifle. It was adopted to fill the need for a compact version of the M945 for use in close-quarters combat. Part of Kinman Industries’ Future Small Arms System, the M933 is primarily used by officers, vehicle crews, and support personnel such as mortar crews. However, it is also common for units that issue the M945 rifle to retain large stocks of complete M933 upper receivers in their armories, allowing most or all of their M945s to be quickly converted to M933s for close-quarters combat. Over time, it has been replaced largely replaced by the M41 and M39 submachine guns in specialist roles but remains in use for certain positions, particularly for large-unit issue.

Weapon Designation:Carbine, 6.2mm, M933
Place of Origin:United States
Production History:
Manufacturer:Colt Defense, LLC
Weight:5.9 lb (2.68 kg)
Length:31.3 in (795 mm) (stock extended)
27.3 in (693 mm) (stock retracted)
Barrel Length:11.5 in (292 mm)
Action:Gas-operated short-stroke piston
Rate of Fire:700 rounds/min cyclic
Muzzle Velocity:2,979 ft/s (908 m/s) with M62-110 round
Muzzle Energy:2,168 ft/lbs (2,939 Joules) with M62-110 round
Effective Range:400 m (875 yd)
Feed System:30-round detachable box magazine
Sights:Optics rail (FCO-2 sight as standard)
Flip-up iron sights


The M933 was designed alongside the M945 and the other members of Kinman Industries’ Future Small Arms System from 2033 to 2034 and was adopted by the US military in late 2034. Its combination of small size, light weight, and power makes it greatly appreciated by the rear echelon troops who use it, as well as troops fighting in urban ares or other close-quarters combat.


The M933 is nothing more than an M945 with a shorter barrel, handguard, and gas system. However, unlike the other members of the family which can be used with either a round, ribbed handguard or a quad-rail handguard, the M933 is only available with the quad-rail handguard. Some M933s have been seen with round handguards in Special Forces units, but these were personally-purchased handguards from the civilian market.

Range, Accuracy, and Terminal Ballistics:

The shorter barrel of the M933 greatly reduces the carbine’s effective range from 800 meters for the M945 to just 400 meters. Within that range, the accuracy and terminal effects of the M62-110 round are virtually unchanged from the M945, but at greater ranges, accuracy and terminal effectiveness begin to drop off rapidly. Despite this, it remains a highly effective and reliable weapon under all battlefield conditions and it is greatly respected by the troops who carry it.

Additional Accessories

The M933 cannot mount a bayonet, although it has a bayonet lug simply because it uses the same front sight block as the M945 and M950 for parts commonality. It does have several under-barrel weapon options, the first being the M523 40mm grenade launcher. More common, however, is the 25mm pump-action M339A1 grenade launcher, a variant of the M339 grenade launcher modified to fit the M933, while a third option is the M352A1 under-barrel shotgun.

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