About Us

Sailing Rabbit

Catherine, who goes by SailingRabbit on most platforms, started the Bad Company proect before it was even named in February of 2018, with “Boreal Nightmare.” It was not intended to spawn a series, but the positive feedback from the readers on FanFiction.net led her to write more, focusing mainly on Private Mark Drake. She is the primary writer, and the team’s researcher for accuracy in geography, anatomy, medicine, and history. She attempted to enlist in the US Navy right out of high school but was unable to continue due to a hip injury. She has worked as a museum secretary, dishwasher, overnight stocker, and currently works at a pretzel shop. In addition to Bad Company, Catherine is writing a historical fiction/fantasy novel set during World War II.

Denal Douglas

Denal, who goes by his full name Denal Douglas on most platforms, joined the Bad Company project in February 2019. He currently serves as the series’ editor, technical advisor, and secondary writer as well as providing most of the required computer support. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Firearms Technology from Sonoran Desert Institute, and has worked in various professional fields, including as a kitchen worker, warehouse supervisor, and overnight stocker; he is currently employed as a machinist. In addition to his work for Bad Company, Denal is developing a mod called “Operation Remembrance” for EA’s Battlefield Vietnam, which is planned for release in early 2022.

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