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The official site for the fanfiction series Aliens: Bad Company. Breaking away from current Alien canon and creating its own separate universe, Bad Company was started to tell the story of the Aliens Marines in a new perspective, diving into their backstories and building the world around them. The main series is a psychological character drama with plenty of action, and everyone has a story to tell as the squad is eventually thrown into battle against the Xenomorph species known as XX121 and its mysterious creators, the Engineers…

But over the past two years, the Bad Company universe has continued to move farther and farther away from current canon, leading to the decision to add an additional aspect: Survivor Accounts. Survivor Accounts is a planned series that pre-dates the Marine-centric stories and will cover various human encounters with Xenomorph Species XX121 from the advent of human FTL travel.

Latest Addition:

Bad Company Book 5: Gray Hearts

Although he wants to put the events on Gateway behind him, Drake finds himself dealing with the possibility of having post-traumatic stress after Hudson is exposed to the toxic silver flower used in a Weyland-Yutani research project.

A Note from the Writers

Future plans for Bad Company projects are always changing and evolving. We have discussions on a daily basis about where we’re going to take the series next and what plans we have for upcoming projects. But because we’re often able to plan more quickly than we can write, we’ve decided to make a place where we can let our readers know what projects and books are scheduled to come up next.

Current Lineup:

Expendable Assets: A reimagining of Alien, “Expendable Assets” adds new dialogue, new scenes, and new plotlines to a familiar story to expand and grow the characters, world, and understanding of XX121. When the crew of the Nostromo follows a mysterious alien signal sent from deep space, they find themselves fighting for their lives when their ship is boarded by a brutal, nearly unstoppable alien creature, and Ellen Ripley struggles to help her crewmates survive while also fearing for the safety of her daughter, Amanda, frozen in cryosleep and unaware of the carnage taking place on the ship she and her mother call home. As the crew tries to defend themselves and their ship, they come to the realization that they are caught in the middle of a plan by their employers to capture the creature, and not only are they considered expendable, but their deaths are integral to the plan’s success.

Searing Solitude: Fifteen years after the events of “Expendable Assets” and her rescue, Amanda Ripley has no knowledge of what took place on the Nostromo in 2122. Her search for answers leads her to Sevastopol Station, only for her to discover the decaying station in the final stages of infestation by an alien species, sending Amanda into a scramble to escape Sevastopol while trying to evade rogue androids, desperate human survivors, and the looming dark creatures that lurk in the vents and darkest places of the station.

Crash Course (Edition Two): This second look at the first chronological story in the Bad Company series offers a harsher, grittier account of the training program that creates the men and women who make up USCM Reconnaissance In Force Teams, the strongest, smartest, most effective, and most elite of all Marines. When Daniel Spunkmeyer is accepted into the training program, he has no idea his path will be a road of ups and downs, evoking every emotion from the joy of making his first true friend to the rage of dealing with a brutal instructor who will accept nothing less than perfection and the desperation of trying to escape his own troubled past.

Higher Caliber: A year into his first enlistment contract, Private Ricco Frost knows he is doing well with his life. He has a supportive family, a loving girlfriend, and a stable career ahead of himself. But he wants more. He wants to be something beyond another ordinary rank-and-file Marine. At the encouragement of his sergeant and squad members and with his wits and skills at his side, Frost leaps for an opportunity to be counted among the greatest and most famous of Marines: those who have the right to call themselves members of the elite Reconnaissance In Force Teams.

“Remember: short, controlled bursts!”

Aliens: Bad Company is dedicated to maintaining a realistic, technically accurate universe wherever possible. As such, there is a significant number of differences in certain technical information and storylines that contradicts the official Alien canon, particularly in regards to the United States Colonial Marine Corps and its weapons and equipment. Any time there is a discrepancy between information stated in Bad Company and official canon, it is not an error, but a deliberate change.