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“Fall in, people!”

The official site for the fanfiction series Aliens: Bad Company. Breaking away from current Alien canon and creating its own separate universe, Bad Company was started to tell the story of the Aliens Marines in a new perspective, diving into their backstories and building the world around them. The main series is a psychological character drama with plenty of action, and everyone has a story to tell as the team is eventually thrown into battle against the Xenomorph species known as XX121 and a mysterious race called the Engineers, who seek to turn XX121 into the ultimate lifeform.

But over the past three years, the Bad Company universe has continued to move farther and farther away from current canon, leading to the decision to add an additional aspect: Survivor Accounts. Survivor Accounts is an in-progress series that pre-dates the Marine-centric stories and will cover various human encounters with Xenomorph Species XX121 from the advent of human FTL travel.

Latest Additions:

Crash Course

When Daniel Spunkmeyer is accepted into training to become a member of a Reconnaissance In Force Team, he has no idea his path will be a road of ups and downs, evoking every emotion from the joy of making his first true friend, to the rage of dealing with a brutal instructor who will accept nothing less than perfection, and the desperation of trying to escape his own troubled past.

Bleeding Heart

A year and a half after being removed from her Reconnaissance In Force Team, Skye Larkins is still struggling to adjust to life as a flight instructor. As she tries to mold her life to fit the dream of training young Marines to be the best pilots they can be, she’s faced with the challenges of a partner instructor who doesn’t seem to understand her methods, trainees who can’t measure up to her standards, and the dangers of her own mind.

“Remember: short, controlled bursts!”

Aliens: Bad Company is dedicated to maintaining a realistic, technically accurate universe wherever possible. As such, there is a significant number of differences in certain technical information and storylines that contradicts the official Alien canon, particularly in regards to the United States Colonial Marine Corps and its weapons and equipment. Any time there is a discrepancy between information stated in Bad Company and official canon, it is not an error, but a deliberate change.