Briefing Room

“Fall in, people!”

The official site for the fanfiction series Aliens: Bad Company. Breaking away from current Alien canon and creating its own separate universe, Bad Company tells the story of the Aliens Marines in a new perspective, diving into their backstories and building the world around them. It’s a psychological character drama with plenty of action, and everyone has a story to tell as the squad is eventually thrown into battle against the Xenomorph species known as XX121 and its mysterious creators, the Engineers…

“Remember: short, controlled bursts!”

Aliens: Bad Company is dedicated to maintaining a realistic, technically accurate universe wherever possible. As such, there is a significant number of differences in certain technical information and storylines that contradicts the official Alien canon, particularly in regards to the United States Colonial Marine Corps and its weapons and equipment. Any time there is a discrepancy between information stated in Bad Company and official canon, it is not an error, but a deliberate change.